Arrow for Change: SRHR in the Era of the SDGs


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Arrow for change is a publication on women’s, gender and rights perspectives in health policies and programmes. This volume (23,2 2017) deals with Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in the era of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Table of Contents

  1. editorial
    1. Universal Access to SRH and Universality of SRR: Achieving the Impossible?
  2. spotlight
    1. Chaotic, Isolationist, and Anti-Woman: The Trump Administration and SRHR
    2. Trade Agreements, SDGs, and Universal Access to SRHR
    3. Women’s Economic Empowerment and SRHR: The Missing Link
    4. Why Prioritise SRHR in Climate Change Programming and Policymaking
    5. Shifting the Ground on Sexual Rights at the UN
    6. Why Are Women Still Dying from Unsafe Abortions?
  3. in our own words
    1. SDGs: Sex Workers Fall through the Cracks
    2. When Some Are Left Behind, All Are Left Behind: A Youth Trans Feminist Activist Perspective from the Pacific
    3. SRHR and the 2030 Agenda: What’s at Stake for Young People Living with and Affected by HIV?
  4. voices from the global south
    1. Staying Inspired for Women Living with HIV and Women Who Use Drugs: In Conversation with Baby Rivona
  5. monitoring countries and regional activities
    1. The Yogyakarta Principles: Looking Back, Looking Forward
    2. Women’s SRHR and Climate Change: The Case of Mindoro, the Philippines
    3. Voicing Concerns to Ensure Young People’s SRHR: Youth-led Submissions on the Universal Review of Pakistan
    4. Pushing Boundaries: Advocating for the Right to Safe Abortion in the Philippines
  6. resources from the arrow srhr knowledge sharing centre
  7. selected arrow resources
  8. definitions
  9. factfile
    1. SRHR off the Table?
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